Friday, April 18, 2008

School... School... and More School

Well it is now crunch time. I have both finals on the 28th of April... I am so stressed .... been up till 3 am most nights to try and study for them. I need a B- in both classes... Think Finance will be ok but very stressed about Accounting. If you can spare a minute.. please keep good thoughts, fingers crossed and whatever else that will bring me luck on the 28th. Counting down till summer for sure.. I need to take pictures tomorrow as my tulips are starting to bloom... I am really looking forward to them.

I am really excited.... I am a member of a stamping club (card making) and I am the hostess this month... I get so many fun things this month.. We had a large order so I get 6 stamp pads, a stamp caddy, stamp labels for my stamp pads, 3 stamp sets (Cause for Celebration, A little bit of Happiness, and Time well spent from stampin up), a stamp scrubber, and wheel guides for using the wheels.

It will be like christmas all over again... plus its my birthday this month so it will be really nice.. Can't wait till school is out and I get to play.

Well off to study more.


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  1. Good luck with classes, Janine. I'm right there with you. I'm taking Business Law II and Advanced Access.