Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Member of our family....

Introducing the newest member of our family.... Sophie... She is a Blue Persian kitten.  Her daddy was a Russian Blue and her momma was a Persian.  She weighs a wopping 10 oz... yes thats right ounces.  She is the runt of the litter and a little feisty fur ball.  Lol... She and Lucky are still trying to get used to each other. 

100_1428 100_1388

We got Sophie on November 21st for Paul's birthday.  Hopefully once she and Lucky get used to each other they will make great companions for each other. 

100_1361 100_1402

She has the prettiest long gray fur.  Shes a feisty little thing. 

Paul was in seventh heaven with her.  She has made a great addition to our family.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok Hold on to your hats....

LOL I plan to do some major updating.  I will probably do individual posts for each item as there is a lot of items to go over. 


First on the agenda:  My mom.  Mom is out of the hospital and doing much better.  She still gets tired and sore in her chest but over all she's doing pretty good with the exception of getting a staph infection from the hospital.  There was only one antibiotic that would make it go away and they gave it to her.  I am just very very very grateful that Mom is ok and we did not lose her.  I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.  It really helped.  She was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and in intensive care for 1 of those.  Unfortunately Mom did not have insurance and her bills up to this point total over 125,000.00.  So keep your thoughts that they can get some financial help to pay for those bills.  She ended up having a 5 bypass and they found that she has a mild case of Emphysema.  But she is not on oxygen at all and is home and trying to get back to normal. 


On to another subject.  My Utes play in the Sugar Bowl on Friday (for those of you not familiar with them.... I attend the University of Utah and our football team is the Runnin Utes.)  They had a fabulous season and are 12-0 at this point.  I am so looking forward to the football game on Friday.  We play against Alabama - Crimson Tide. 

Christmas was very good to us this year.  We of course had the best present in Mom being better.  But Paul got a Wii from Santa.  He also got a bunch of games to go with it.  I got some stamping stuff from my friend Margot.  I got some clothes and perfume from Mom.  Mom also got me a new mattress pad for my bed.  I was excited.  I really needed a new one. 


School ended on the 15th of December... My grades were not as good as I would have liked but I got a C+ out of both classes.  I was so close to a B- but I hope to do better next semester.  I start up again on January 13th.  After Spring 2009 Semester is over.  I only have 2 semesters left.  I hope to have my BS in accounting by May 2010.  I can not believe that there is finally a light at the end of a very long tunnel.  I really look forward to graduating.  I will be over 40 by the time I graduate but at least better late than never.  I did it while working full time and being a single mother.  I am pretty proud of myself. 


Well until the next post.