Friday, March 16, 2012

Wipocalypse 2012 March… Just a bit late.

Well its been crazy here.   My step dad has been in the hospital.. Mom, Son and I all sick.  Work Crazy.  But I did manage to finish another mitten.  This adorable mitten is number 3.  I am a wee bit behind on my schedule but we will see if I can crank them up again.  January Started off good and then it was all downhill from there.  My schedule was to have me complete 10 by the end of February with another 5 in march and here we are the middle of March and I have 3 completed.  Sheesh. 

Without futher ado… Mitten number 3.  Baby its cold outside is its title.


The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  It will have buttons and then its supposed to look like a sweater I believe. 

Until Next time.