Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Card…

I saw this card on another blog… Dawn Griffiths did this card in different colors.  I really liked it.  Its using the emboss resist technique.  The colors are Bravo Burgandy, Kraft (crumbcake now) and white. 


In other news.  Paul turned 10 on Wednesday.  I can’t believe my baby is 10.  He had a wonderful party on the 20th and we went to see the Utah Jazz play on Wednesday.  We won and he had a great time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don’t Faint Another Update

I got a chance this last weekend to put some stitches in an old WIP.. its an old Leisure Arts Kit called “Checking it Twice”.  I love this design.  Course I got rid of the Aida and substituted evenweave and got rid of the floss that the kit came with and substituted DMC.  I just work on it while I can.  Below is a pic of what its supposed to look like and my progress from the 13th and 17th of November.


Its beginning to finally take shape.  I can’t wait to get this framed.  I would like to try and put it in maybe a round frame but we will see.

Well ta ta for now.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 Steps for Craft addicts

This was composed by Liz Lucero from Splitcoast stampers but it holds true for us stitchers as well as stampers and paper crafters.  Thought you might get a kick out of this.


1. We admitted we were powerless over craft supplies - that our lives (or at least our space) had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe that our sister crafters could help us return to sanity.
3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to ourselves and not be influenced by coupons and bargains.
4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of all our supplies.
5. Admitted to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our shopping.
6. Were entirely ready to realize that shopping is not a defect of character. We are not bad people for buying supplies, we just buy too much of what we don’t need.
7. Humbly asked ourselves “Do we really need to buy this?”.
8. Made a list of all persons and places we could donate to and became willing to do so.
9. Made direct donations to such people or places wherever possible, except when they really didn’t want our supplies.
10. Continued to take inventory of our supplies and when we were overstocked promptly admitted it.
11. Sought though creating and using our existing products to improve our space and our mojo.
12. Celebrate our creativity.

LOL… I love it.  Hello my name is Jaunice and I am a craft supply addict.  That’s why I have the following quote on my email.

"There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness."
Dave Barry

On that funny but true note… I will say goodnight.



Sunday, November 07, 2010

“F” is for friendship

I made this card tonight.  Its for a swap I am in.  I hope the recipient likes it. 


Not a whole lot going on this weekend… Was a pretty quiet weekend.  Which is good because next week at work is going to be crazy busy.  Hopefully tomorrow I get my new office.  I will post pics when I get a chance.

I think it’s a nice office.  Its my first office.  I am kind of excited.  My first business cards etc. 



Thursday, November 04, 2010

I am baaaack…..

Well a lot has happened since last posted.  I graduated in May of 2010.  My son and I got to go to Disneyland.  It was just a fabulous trip. I also started a new job for the same company I worked for,  I am the Business Office Manager for our newest Senior facility.  It is so nice now to have time to actually Stamp and Stitch and spend time with my son.  Below are some cards i have done in the recent past.  I am in the middle of cleaning my stamp and stitching room.  There is a monumental task in its own right.  I will post pictures of my stamp catalog and my clean room lol.  I am putting together a catalog of all my stamp sets so that I can find what I want when I need it.  I never thought it would be all that important but its come in handy already. 


This was created for a great friend in California for her Birthday.  She loves Cows and this was perfect. 


I made these for our new residents moving in.


I made these two at a stamp camp in September.  The wreath is braded and was kind of tricky but fun too.  I loved the clean and simple christmas card we made.

Well I better head off to bed now.  More tomorrow.