Monday, April 28, 2008

Its Just about over now....

Ok... I need to actually be in bed... But the stress is killing me. In about 6 hours and 45 minutes I will be sitting in my Accounting exam and at 6 pm tomorrow night in my finance exam. Please pray, cross whatever... rub buddah's belly.. whatever you do just pray that all that I have crammed into my brain will be accessible to me when I need it and how I need it. Theres not much more I can do...

I will say that I Absolutely HATE the TI BA II Plus financial Calculator. This thing has been the bain of my existence since I was required to purchase it in January. I have developed great loathing for this little machine pictured to the left. I have never had such problems learning to use a calculator except maybe the TI81.... hmmm sense a trend here?

Well I will sign off and try to pretend to sleep.

Keep me in your thoughts please.

Over and out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

72 Hours and Counting....

Well this time Monday night this semester will be all over and done with. I am so stressed about it. I have been a studying fool but still am very very nervous. I desperately need a B- or better in both classes and I am not sure my grade in my accounting class will measure up to that. Please keep all fingers, toes, and anything else you can think of crossed that I will get that ever elusive B- or better.

I have both tests on Monday. Accounting in the am and Finance in the pm. I have been one stressed unit for sure. Well I better get back to the books while I still can.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mothers Day Ensemble

On Sunday My friend Margot and I got together and we made this ensemble for mothers day.

I stamped tissue paper,made a card, and a gift bag. I plan to use them for my mom for mothers day. I thought they turned out rather nice.

Well 7 days and counting till D day.. or should I say T day (T for test). I need all the good thoughts anyone can muster. I am panicked about my accounting test. Keep good thoughts.

Well I better get back to the homework for now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

School... School... and More School

Well it is now crunch time. I have both finals on the 28th of April... I am so stressed .... been up till 3 am most nights to try and study for them. I need a B- in both classes... Think Finance will be ok but very stressed about Accounting. If you can spare a minute.. please keep good thoughts, fingers crossed and whatever else that will bring me luck on the 28th. Counting down till summer for sure.. I need to take pictures tomorrow as my tulips are starting to bloom... I am really looking forward to them.

I am really excited.... I am a member of a stamping club (card making) and I am the hostess this month... I get so many fun things this month.. We had a large order so I get 6 stamp pads, a stamp caddy, stamp labels for my stamp pads, 3 stamp sets (Cause for Celebration, A little bit of Happiness, and Time well spent from stampin up), a stamp scrubber, and wheel guides for using the wheels.

It will be like christmas all over again... plus its my birthday this month so it will be really nice.. Can't wait till school is out and I get to play.

Well off to study more.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008 This N That

Thought I better update. Its been a while. I plan to try and be better about it.

I got a few things accomplished today. (yes don't pass out that A. I did something besides homework and B. got something accomplished today.) I planted almost 40 tulips. Some were plants and some were from bulbs. I am really excited. I love Tulips. But it made me really sore... I need to do lots more yardwork when the semester is over.

I dont know how many of you know but we got a puppy in November. His name is Lucky. He is a Shitzu/Corgi Mix. Hes really a cutie. Well he was.... He had to get a major hair cut yesterday and he looks awful now. I cannot wait till his hair grows out again.

I also made a card today. I have a friend at work that I needed to make a sympathy card for. It turned out ok... not quite what I had planned but it is ok for not making a card in a while.

I have done a little stitching lately but can't say much more as its all been model stitching. When I can post more I will.

As for now I am trying to pull my Accounting grade out of the toilet. I have 2 weeks left and am praying for a B- in both classes... Please pray, keep things crossed, whatever you do that will bring about some luck for me. I really need it this semster.