Thursday, November 01, 2007

Small Finish and Midterms

Well I took my midterm this morning. I think (translate hope and pray) that I got at least 75-80 out of 100. I will be very happy with this grade as it translates into a better grade with the curve. The other night I took a couple hours out of studying and was able to finish another small stitch. This is a pine mountain kit called Noah and his crew. It turned out rather nice for just a couple of hours work.

Paul went trick or treating last night. Paul is the one dressed as Darth Vader. Made out like a bandit. He was in bed when I got home tonight. Thursday's I attend two classes, one in the morning then work, then one in the evening. So thursdays are not my favorite day.

Have a great night.

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  1. Congrats on your finish. May the force be with you on your grades. ;-) Paul makes a good Darth.