Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wipocalypse 2012 and a Return to Blogging…

For any of my non crafty or non stitchy friends… WIP stands for Work in Progress… and of course most know about apocalypse.  I have signed up for a SAL in which to finish any unfinished projects or to help me get new ones started and done that I would like to do.  My plan is to decorate my Christmas tree in 2012 with all hand made ornaments.  My tree will be done in the Cross Eyed Cricket mittens.  I love Vicki Hastings mitten designs.  She has more than enough to decorate a whole tree with no duplicates.  Just in case though I plan to also stitch a really cute snowman flake design that was in the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue. 

I am including a list of all the CEC Mittens that Vicki Hastings so graciously provided to me to aid in my stitching efforts.  Wish me luck in this mighty task. 

2012 Will hopefully be a year of new beginnings.  My goal for the moment is to attempt to lose 40 lbs. (I need to lose much more but just concentrating on 40 right now).  Will keep all posted as the year goes on.

The Official CRICKET Mitten List 2011

Number 143 Woolen Mittens - 5 designs

Number 150 Woolen Mittens Two - 3 designs

Number 153 Alphabet Mitten

Number 154 A Well-Dressed Man – Noah’s Ark

Number 160 Ginger Mitten

Number 162 Winter Ribbons

Number 166 Mittens Once More - 5 designs

Number 167 Evergreen Wreath and Winter Lights

Number 172 Nip in the Air Mitten

Number 178 Winter Basket Mitten

Number 189 Snowflake and Winter Birdhouse Mittens

Number 190 Nutcracker Mitten

Number 200 Spider Mitten

Number 201 Turkey Mitten

Number 202 December Mittens - 4 designs

Number 205 Have a Heart Mitten

Number 207 Stars & Stripes Mitten

Number 224 Cookie Jar Mitten

Number 225 Button Up Mitten

Number 226 Family Mittens

Number 227 Lone Pine Mitten

Number 228 Victory Mitten

Number 229 Kissing Mitten

Number 230 Promise of Spring Mitten

Number 286 Dickens’ Mittens-Chapter 1

Number 287 Dickens’ Mittens-Chapter 2

Number 288 Dickens’ Mittens-The Last Word

Web Graphs [File & .pdf format]

2005 Mitten – Hot Chocolate Mitten

2006 Mitten – Bell Mitten
2007 Mitten – S’mores Mitten

2009 Mitten – Mitten - Mitten

2010 Mitten – Oatmeal & Shamrocks
2010 Holiday – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Mitten

2011 Holiday – Mitten Cakes

2011 Holiday – Sophia’s 1st mitten

JCS Ornament Editions

2006 – Away In a Manger Mitten

2007 – Keeping Watch Mitten

Hard Copy

1996 – Winter Angel Mitten

2001 – Mermaid Mitten

2001 – Chili Pepper Mitten [Texas]

2002 – Don’t Peek Mitten


  1. Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse, Jaunice! I have a few of the mitten patterns, and they're very cute.

    I've added you to the participant list and to my blog reader. I look forward to your posts about your progress on all of your goals, stitchy and non, next year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Measi... I am exicted to do this.


  3. Good luck on stitching the mittens! I have one on my tree and I definitely need more! Good luck on all your goals!!

  4. WOW!! That is a TON of mittens:) And good luck with the weight loss. I am also in the process of trying to lose weight. My goal is 1lb a week for the year. If I can do that 2 years in a row I will be at my ideal weight:) I'll cheer you on if you'll cheer me on!!