Monday, March 09, 2009

Work..Work..Work..Little bit of Stitching… Work

Well I had to work all weekend.  We are so behind that we are working overtime.  Its been a pain as far as trying to study and such but I did get a tiny bit of stitching in. 

Stoney Creek sent me a model to work on (of course I cant show that here) but I also commissioned a personalized sampler from Stephanie Twillman of she is fabulous to work with.  This sampler is for one of our Partners at work who is going on a 3 year LDS mission in July.  I had the sampler personalized for him and his wife.  Below is a picture of what it will look like.  Its gorgeous.

Jaunice M Custom Sampler - final-2

Stephanie just did fabulous work.  I am just amazed.  Check her website out… you wont be dissapointed.




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