Thursday, January 01, 2009

My very first Biscornu finish!!!!

Well I finally did it.  I ventured into the world of Biscornu's.  I saw a pattern on the online needlwork show that I had to have.  My friend Margot loves pigs so when I saw the design "Holy Mud" by Barbara Ana I had to get it.  Below are some pics of what it was supposed to look like and my Biscornu.  I dont think its too bad considering its my first attempt.  I would like to thank Mary Katherine from STO for the instructions on how to finish it.  I got them off her blog I believe. 

100_1429 This is what its supposed to look like.

Here is my actual Biscornu.  I thought this design was just too cute to not stitch for my friend.  100_1414

100_1415   100_1416  100_1417  100_1418

All in all not to shabby for my first attempt.  I didnt use the same fabric colors as the model but I still thought it turned out ok.  Margot loved it and was tickled pink lol excuse the pun. 


Till the next time.



  1. Looks great for your first time!!!

  2. Nice job Jaunice! You did great. Love the new picture of you and Paul.

  3. What a great finish! Very pretty!