Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drive Home

So this isnt craft related at all.... LOL its a vent... I am sitting here trying to unwind.

ok I left work at 5:20 pm and walked in my door at 10:02 pm.... I am exhausted! How far do I have to drive? you might ask.... 22 miles.. Thats it... but when some bone head shipping company decides to take a 210,000 lb (yes you read that right) tank on a truck that is not big enough to haul it and try to haul it on our freeway just prior to rush hour... I would like to kill him.... It rolled off the truck and broke the freeway .. so more lovely construction some more.... You can read about it at or It was a very lovely (note the sarcasm) commute tonight.

ok vent over... whew that feels much better lol. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.



  1. I know freeway stories like that and they are NEVER fun!

  2. I used to commute before I had my kiddos (hour there/hour back) so I feel your pain. There was always something going on as far as construction and my hour long drive could be as long as two hours. *Sigh* So I feel your pain but I am glad that you made it home safe! :)