Monday, October 16, 2006

New to this business

New to this business. Just thought maybe it might be a place to write how I am feeling. Maybe cheaper than therapy lol. Maybe I need therapy. I am a single mom to a darling 5 almost 6 year old little boy. Its hard sometimes being a single mom but with the help of my parents I manage. I work as an ap clerk and go to school part time. I am trying to finish my Accounting degree. I have been divorced for 4 years. I enjoy stitching and making cards and taking care of my little boy. That's it in a nutshell about me. Hoping this is helpful to me and anyone else out there. I am going to resolve to try and find one positive thing about each day and try and post it here. Today I started this blog. That's positive. I haven't been feeling well but think I am feeling better now.


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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Yay Jaunice! I just popped over form our Yahoo STO group for a visit to your blog. Write away! Writing can be cathartic and revealing. But most of Best wishes for your new blog!